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I've spent the last 5 years working with leaders and visionaries 
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“Ishmael’s depth of technical knowledge, quality of work, and speed of execution is unmatched by anyone I know. He’s the first person I’d call to build the technology for any new project.”
Brandon Foo - CEO of Polymail
“Ishmael was able to complete in 4 days the same project my own developers were unable to accomplish in 4 months. I haven't used another dev since he saved me on that project.”
Jeremy Greenfield, CEO of Hashtack
“I always hear entrepreneurs complaining about their developers missing deadlines and putting out bad products. I just smile and laugh because I’ve got Ishmael.”
Steve Sobel, Cofounder of HandyMapp
“Ishmael has been creating software tools for our volunteers and staff at Hacker Fund since his service as a Board member began in 2015. 

His technical expertise and automation of our onboarding workflow attributed to our increase in yearly active mentors by ~ 60% in 2016.”
Justin Brezhnev, Founder and President of Hacker Fund
“When putting together the “Where Do You Fall” website for Ryan Amador, Ishmael not only executed the work quickly and efficiently, he also advised strategically to increase the impact of the project. 

People like him are crucial to the advancement of all businesses, especially in the music industry where tech-savvy individuals with creative minds are highly sought-after.”
“Ish is one of the most talented developers we have ever met. His insight and skill helped to create the solutions that are so critical to the core functionality of ShadowBid.”
Wes Hansen, Founder of ShadowBid
100% Privacy Guaranteed
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